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Case Studies
  1. Transforming Quality Assurance for major Temenos T24 client [View]
  2. The benefits of automated customer experience [Download]
  3. Large Commercial Banking Client Engages with Validata for end-to-end testing [Download]
  4. Investment and Insurance Banking Client selects Validata for quality assurance of their T24™ implementation [Download]
  5. Nordea Bank selects Validata TestCloud™ model for end-to-end testing and configuration management. [Download]
  6. Bank in Saudi Arabia upgrading their TEMENOS T24™ benefits from Validata SAS's approach to Business Process testing [Download]
  7. NSCU_ Test automation cuts costs and creates efficiency for one of Canada's major Credit Unions [Download]
  8. Stopanska Banka de-risks its T24™ migration with Validata V-Conn and moves from G11 ro R6 [Download]
  9. Banca Romaneasca selects Validata to manage their migration and testing effort [Download]
  10. CommerzBank employs Validata TestCloud™ concept to deliver formal testing for TEMENOS T24™ upgrade project [Download]
  11. MCB employs Validata TestCloud™ concept to deliver formal testing for TEMENOS T24™ implementation project [Download]
  12. Leading European Financial Services provider selects Validata Cloud Based Managed Services [Download]

Product Brochures
  1. COB Monitoring Flyer [Download]
  2. ISB Validation [Download]
  3. TestAsAService leaflet [Download]
  4. Validata360 flyer [Download]
  5. V-Conn Automated ETL Validation [Download]
  6. Advanced Testing Suite (ATS) Product Brochure [Download]
  7. Automated Build & Configuration (ABC) Product Brochure [Download]
  8. Performance Tester Product Brochure [Download]
  9. Validata TestCloud™ Product Brochure [Download]
  10. Validata Connectivity (V-Conn) Product Brochure [Download]
  11. Release Coordinator Product Brochure [Download]
  12. Validata Software Asset Suite (SAS) Product Brochure [Download]
  13. Test Data Management Product Brochure [Download]
  14. Validata Message Testing (MSG) Product Brochure [Download]
  15. Model Bank Testing Accelerators [Download]

Thought Leadership books
  1. The hidden costs of Open Source software [View]
  2. Transitioning from Quality Assurance to 'Digital Assurance' – Thinking beyond HP QC [View]
  3. Automated Testing ROI [View]
  4. Upgrade your Temenos Core Banking with speed and quality! [View]
  5. Top Testing Trends in 2016 [View]
  6. 8 solutions to Banking Data Migration problems [View]
  7. Agile Development and Continuous Delivery-ebook [View]
  8. Best Practices for end to end Data Migration [View]
  9. Software Quality Metrics & Test Analytics in the Cloud [View]
  10. Managing projects with Intelligence [View]
  11. Integrating Test Data Management with Risk Management [View]
  12. How to automate and standardise your Financial Reconciliation process [View]
  13. Case study: The benefits of automated customer experience [View]
  14. A quick guide to model-based automated testing [View]
  15. How to de-risk and accelerate your multi country rollout [View]
  16. Prioritise your Regression Testing using a Risk-based approach [View]
  17. Testing Accelerators for Temenos T24 [View]

Videos & Media
  1. Validata Quality Suite [view]
  2. Maximise your test coverage with Validata ATS [view]
  3. Test Data Generator [view]
  4. Validata360° - ALM Analytics [view]
  5. Validata Performance Tester [view]
  6. Validata Screensaver [Download]
  7. Validata360 Screensaver [Download]